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Exolta join MBN & Bullhorn in the Tough Mudder

Team MBN incorporating Team Exolta at Tough Mudder 2014

A day in the Mud at Dalkeith, Edinburgh

Russell Dalgleish, Paul Forrest and Michael Young of Exolta Capital Partners once again found themselves at the start of the Tough Mudder.  So…. what started out an overcast and dreek day in Dalkeith turned out to be a stunning day of sunshine and obstacles at day one of the 2014 Edinburgh Tough Mudder.  In fact the only thing that outshone the weather by the end of the day was the stunning performance and commitment of the other team members.  Once again, Exolta’s participation was alongside Team MBN.  This year the team enlarged to over twenty with members of Bullhorn joining to help ensure that our joint charitable pursuit would be a real success.

“We battled Mud, Ice and Water mixed in with 10,000 volt electric shocks, occasional flames and even more water and even more mud…” .  This year’s course was muddier than last year’s and had the (disputable) benefit of additional obstacles for those with the honour of being Mudder legionnaires (completing one or more Tough Mudders).

An excellent performance all round from MBN & Bullhorn.  Exolta’s Russell and members of Clan Dalgleish delivered a particularity sterling effort as can be seen in some of the pictures below.

What’s it all about?

Just in case you’re wondering what its all about (and hankering after doing one yourself), here is a place-holder video showing you what the event involves (note:  we will be uploading our short film of the event when the editing is finished so be sure to bookmark this page to see your favourite members of the Exolta team getting down and dirty as part of the MBN/Bullhorn Tough Mudder Team for a good cause).

How can you help?

Its not too late to help by sponsoring us.  Click here for more on the cause we are supporting, or click the ‘sponsor me’ button below to go to our JustGiving page.

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