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Exolta at Tough Mudder Edinburgh 2013

Exolta join MBN for the Edinburgh 2013 Tough Mudder

Exolta senior partners take part in the gruelling Tough Mudder event.

As if professionalising and growing client businesses is not challenging enough, Paul Forrest and Russell Dalgleish of Exolta Capital Partners decided to join ranks with one of our key alliance partners, the MBN Group, and participate in the gruelling Edinburgh Tough Mudder.

For those of you not in the know, the Tough Mudder is a 12 mile course with some 25 military obstacles created by British Special Forces.  Paul and Russell joined Michael Young, Robin Huggins and Joshua Smith of MBN to undertake the challenge to raise money for the Yorkhill Children’s Charity.

So… the next time you are seeking a business advisor with stamina, call Exolta for a free consultation and discussion on how we can help.  We promise not to turn up covered in mud and we promise not to auto enrol you in next year’s event!


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