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Big Data: The ‘Bridge’ to Success’.

Not realising the potential benefits of ‘Big Data’? Here, Paul Forrest of Exolta presents a little food for thought doused with a little common sense. Sometimes a gentle nudge or reminder of what’s missing helps to focus the mind on what skills a business should be searching for. With this in mind, Paul introduces his take on the need for more ‘Bridging’ skills in organisations seeking to benefit from ‘Big …Read More

Effective Employee Engagement and Business Growth: How and Why?

Having previously posted about disruptive innovation, challenger brands and standout businesses, Paul Forrest discusses the question most business want answers to is “how do we achieve something similar within our own sector?”.  The answer is not so straightforward since it comprises a number of strategic levers all of which need to be handled in appropriate measure to deliver real success.  However, one of the most obvious starting points is the …Read More