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Exit Strategies for Businesses

Many investors are only interested in investing money into an enterprise for a limited amount of time. They want to know when they will get their money back and what sort of return they will be receiving at that time. Both issues are closely linked. Therefore, when preparing your business plan to pitch to potential investors, you will need to make sure that you have outlined your long term plans …Read More

Purchase Order Financing Basics

Knowing the basics of purchase order financing is an asset to almost any small or medium sized business owner. In this article, Exolta will discuss exactly what purchase order financing is, the benefits, drawbacks, who can benefit the most from it, and which businesses would be most likely to qualify for it. What is purchase order financing? Purchase order financing is another way to get a loan for the capital …Read More

Avoiding Litigation When You Sell Up

Based on recent post deal litigation storm clouds, business owners planning exit strategies better batten down their legal hatches. Its your business: for many its been your life don’t create risks of losing value at exit As a small business owner, your company most likely represents a significant portion of your net worth.  That’s why it’s crucial not to let litigation wash it away when the time comes to convert …Read More

Coaching for results

Why Coaching is the Way to Go in Team Management When you hear the word ‘coach’, what comes first into your mind?  Do you picture Team GB with someone shouting out instructions and direction? Or perhaps a football team with a man/woman pacing along the sideline and calling out the names of the players? Its odd though, as many of us would readily accept that coaching is no longer the …Read More

Commercial Due Diligence. Important?

Making an acquisition is risky at the best of times. so should buyers take a belt-and-braces approach and consider commercial and operational due diligence? Is conducting financial due diligence enough? Over the last five years, trends suggest that commercial due diligence has increased in popularity. This is due to a number of factors, the obvious ones being that buyers are more sophisticated now and that there has been a shift …Read More

When the banks won’t help

So… what do you do when the banks won’t help? Whilst the first port of call with any business seeking financial help should be the bank, we often hear of issues and problems with getting the bank to come through with the necessary support to help a business. So, what other options are available for funding your business? In this short article we explore some of the main options available …Read More

Mergers & Acquisitions for beginners

Many companies go through mergers and acquisitions on a regular basis and if you are looking to do the same you need to understand how the process works. Below our experts explain the basics. Mergers and Acquisitions Mergers and acquisitions, is the process of inorganic growth or expansion within a given business. With a merger, a business is going to join forces with another company in order to increase business …Read More

Entrepreneurial Growing Pains

When a new business is launched, it typically creates a buzz surrounding it which is enough to carry you through the first few months. You are excited as the new business owner and ‘helmsman’. Your family are equally excited, your customers enjoy the pace and energy of your new venture and ultimately those in your life are quick to congratulate you on becoming your own boss with a vision. Ideally, …Read More