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Business Growth

Effective Employee Engagement and Business Growth: How and Why?

Having previously posted about disruptive innovation, challenger brands and standout businesses, Paul Forrest discusses the question most business want answers to is “how do we achieve something similar within our own sector?”.  The answer is not so straightforward since it comprises a number of strategic levers all of which need to be handled in appropriate measure to deliver real success.  However, one of the most obvious starting points is the …Read More

What makes a retail brand a challenger brand?

Here, Paul Forrest explores what tenets, traits or characteristics contribute towards a brand becoming a true challenger brand in the modern retail environment.  Its not intended to be an empirical or lengthy list, instead it’s one based on my recent observations of what it takes to be a challenger in an otherwise crowded market and what others may do to join the club? However much a retailer tries, the chances …Read More

The Value of a Good Non-Executive Director

Partners at Exolta are often asked to serve as Non Executive Directors but what is the real value and how should you go about finding the best for your business?  Exolta Capital Partners’ Senior Partner, Paul Forrest, discusses the value of a good non-executive director. Lets start by exploring what a non-executive director does? I’m often asked what a Non-Executive Director (NED) does.  With many business owners reporting that their …Read More

Five steps to Sales Success

A sales perspective provided by Russell Dalgleish of Exolta Capital Partners I recently held a range of meetings with leading, international sales Directors and Managing Directors of SME businesses in London and Edinburgh.  During these sessions we typically got onto the subject off the challenge of finding good, talented sales people.  What came out of these meetings were a number of common mistakes companies make in trying to secure new …Read More

Growing business in Switzerland with Exolta’s help

Introducing Stuart Wilkins, our man in Geneva Our recent article on the UK SME Export Opportunities in 2014 highlighted the significant prospects available and Switzerland is certainly one building on the history that exists between these two close allies.  We are seeing an increasing interest in business opportunities in Switzerland. In response to this growing demand we recently welcomed Stuart Wilkins to help build our presence.  Stuart has lived and …Read More

The Export Opportunity for UK SME’s in 2014

Picture shows: Owen Paterson, Secretary of State for environment, food and rural affairs (Left) and Exolta Partner Ross van Geest (Right) discussing export opportunities at ANUGA 2013. The opportunity for small and medium sized companies to grow revenues through exporting should not be overlooked in 2014.  Partner, Ross van Geest explores the extent of the opportunity and provides some practical guidance. The Dilemma In many sectors in the UK, but …Read More

Customer Engagement: Move Your Growth Prospects into the Fast Lane

How fast do you want to drive your growth? Do you feel like you have the ‘pedal to the metal’, spending all you can on advertising but still can’t get the growth of your business into the fast lane?  The fact is, if your customers are not properly engaged, it may not matter how much you spend on advertising.  Just like a car in neutral isn’t going anywhere (no matter …Read More

Entrepreneurial Growing Pains

When a new business is launched, it typically creates a buzz surrounding it which is enough to carry you through the first few months. You are excited as the new business owner and ‘helmsman’. Your family are equally excited, your customers enjoy the pace and energy of your new venture and ultimately those in your life are quick to congratulate you on becoming your own boss with a vision. Ideally, …Read More