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Articles and thought leadership

We are proud of our work, our experience and our skills.  As such, we strive to share key messages, thought leadership and articles through this page.  If you’d like to see us cover a specific topic or share our views on a particular business problem, or exit scenario currently challenging your business, please do get in touch through our contact page.

Rat Race ‘Coast to Coast’ Race Report

Exolta at the Rat Race Coast to Coast

Late Summer Madness?
Early September 2016, whilst in Glasgow we spotted the 105 Mile Rat Race ‘Coast to Coast’ event was imminent and decided we liked the look of it with its: 7 mile trail run starting on

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Competitive Edge through Privacy by Design.

GDPR & Privacy

Why the move to GDPR may help disruptors to create new competitive advantages?

The GDPR has, in some people’s opinions, exponentially increased the burden of ensuring privacy of personal data and as appropriate,

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Blockchain as a disruptive enabler


Blockchain first appeared in our general consciousness as a result of Bitcoin. Whilst the jury may be out on Bitcoin, Blockchain has made waves by showing a valuable contribution to the financial services

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What makes a retail brand a challenger brand?

Here, Paul Forrest explores what tenets, traits or characteristics contribute towards a brand becoming a true challenger brand in the modern retail environment. 

Its not intended to be an empirical or lengthy list, instead

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Exolta join MBN & Bullhorn in the Tough Mudder

Team MBN incorporating Team Exolta at Tough Mudder 2014

A day in the Mud at Dalkeith, Edinburgh
Russell Dalgleish, Paul Forrest and Michael Young of Exolta Capital Partners once again found themselves at the start of the Tough Mudder.  So…. what started out

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The Value of a Good Non-Executive Director

NEDS and the Boardroom

Partners at Exolta are often asked to serve as Non Executive Directors but what is the real value and how should you go about finding the best for your business?  Exolta Capital Partners ‘ Senior Partner, Paul Forrest, discusses the value of a good non-executive director.
Lets start by exploring what a non-executive director does?
I’ m

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Five steps to Sales Success

A sales perspective provided by Russell Dalgleish of Exolta Capital Partners
I recently held a range of meetings with leading, international sales Directors and Managing Directors of SME businesses in London and Edinburgh.  During

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