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About Exolta Capital Partners

Exolta is a collective of senior executives and non-executive directors specialising in providing unparalleled business growth guidance to agile and ambitious businesses. Whilst our website will share a little more background about what we do, this page is intended to explain more about our ethos.

We are a team of experts operating within the business growth and corporate finance marketplace. We operate globally in businesses and companies on all continents, offering support to individuals and businesses focused on achieving their ambitious growth plans and realising value from their business enterprises. Our advisers have experience of working in over 50 countries in a broad spectrum of international sectors and industries.

We consider that every client business is different which is why the support we provide is tailored to fit the specific circumstances of the business and its current level of maturity.  Our intelligent, tried and tested methods and approaches coupled with our specialist knowledge allow our advisers to maximise the client benefits from our assignments and minimise the stress of every project to management teams focused on business as usual.  This approach helps our clients to focus on what they do best.

In terms of our services to Private Equity, we have a track record of generating considerable value for our investment community clients through understanding their investment profile intimately, identifying high growth potential businesses, engineering creative and robust structures and backing management teams to deliver these objectives.

Exolta‘s competitive advantage is our direct access to equity funds, consistent quality and volume of deal flow, experience in both advisory and principal roles and a track record of unlocking significant value. Exolta Capital Partners is fully owned by its founders and as such can be flexible and creative in how it structures its participation in its investments.